Can You Wash Your Hair With Soap?

How frequently have you washed your hair with a cleanser and wound up with an irritated and weak scalp? While the two shampoos and cleansers can clean your hair, is utilizing a cleanser a sound practice?

Is Soap Good For Hair?

The historical backdrop of cleanser making goes back to 2800 B.C., and cleanser keeps on being utilized by numerous individuals till date. Nonetheless, to comprehend if this believed item is useful for hair, we need to comprehend what a cleanser is and how it is made.

Synthetically talking, the cleanser is a combination of sodium salts of various unsaturated fats. It is created by an interaction called saponification or hydrolysis of fat or oil. [1] Soap is a soluble item with a pH between 9-10. It is amazing in eliminating the soil and microscopic organisms from the skin. This is because the skin has a corrosive mantle that wards off microbes from entering the skin. When the skin is cleared with a cleanser, the acidic mantle of the skin can get back to its ordinary pH level without any problem.

The hair, then again, has a pH level between 4.5-5.5. The corrosive climate of the scalp and hair forestalls any bacterial or parasitic development. Notwithstanding, if you wash your hair with a cleanser, the cleanser’s alkalinity will wreck the common keratin of the hair. Therefore, your hair will get dry and fragile.

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